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"Design Only" or Design & Build

Looking for House Designs in Sri Lanka? Why Lex Duco Designs stand out among other home/house designs?
Elegance! We possess a huge design portfolio of 500+ outstanding designs for our clients to select from OR we provide our clients with the service to design their own homes with our Chartered Architects.
You can join us to design your home and then select your preferred contractor to build your home OR you can select us as your design and build company, where we will design and construct your home.
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Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Looking for a home/house builder in Sri Lanka? Why Lex Duco stands out among other home/house builders?
QUALITY! We work on one house construction principle, "Elegance Matters and QUALITY Leads". We stand out among many house builders and design & build companies in today's Sri Lankan market due to Elegance and QUALITY! And that is our Signature, that is our Identity and our secrete is TQC, QES and outstanding team effort.
Your home/house design is absolutely FREE, if you construct with us.

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Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Planning to build your own home or house? Why Lex Duco, the #1 House Builder in Sri Lanka?
We use advance Value Engineering principles during the designing process to limit unnecessary costs while maintaining the highest quality and increasing your overall house value. Also we possess a very high bargaining power as a professional design and build organization, where we buy at best prices for you. THUS OUR PRICES ARE COMPETITIVE! Your home/house design is absolutely FREE, if you build.

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About Lex Duco

We are the market leader in home construction in Sri Lanka and located at Kalubowila, Colombo. Home construction is a dream of almost everyone; however it is not an easy task. That is why you need a professional and market leading house or home construction company like Lex Duco if you are planning to build within Colombo or out of Colombo.

We have served over 1,500 clients in their home construction projects as the design and build company and we are the only construction company that had achieved the said mark in Sri Lanka. Most of our projects were and are in Colombo District.

Our specialty is home construction in Sri Lanka with the design and home plan development as per the client's requirements and budgets as well. And each of our projects is a custom home construction and a home plan specially designed for our local clients.
The home construction in Sri Lanka is a small market segment within the construction market segment. Majority of those clients are planning to build in Colombo District. Even thought the market segment is small, there are many companies serving the said home construction market segment and we are proud to state that majority of those companies has a Lex Duco background in their employment history.

In other words, we are the mentor of those who are in home construction in Sri Lanka in most of the cases.
Some companies, not only in home construction but in many other markets as well, criticize other companies and believe it is a good marketing strategy.
But, we believe in explaining "Why we are Special?" is the key win the hearts of our clients rather than criticizing others.
That is the main purpose of our website and please take time to read it. Specially "Why Lex Duco" and "Our Services" and specially if you are planning to build within Colombo District or nearby districts.

Lex Duco Homes are 30% More Valuable in Property Market!

Yes, it is true due to the following reasons,

  1. The Brand - As you already know Lex Duco is the number one luxury housing brand in Colombo and Sri Lanka. People know it and therefore people buy it.
  2. The Warranty - People cared about warranties even when they buy a TV for a long time, but until recently, the market did not recognize the same should apply with thousand times more magnitude for a home construction in Sri Lanka due to the fact that they spend thousand times more on a single home construction compared to a TV.
    In our opinion, now market understands it and demands it. Yet they do not demand a paper warranty but a one from a RELIABLE company, a reliable company such as Lex Duco. The reason is the company should be reputed and large enough deliver the 20 years Warranty in case of a claim otherwise it is worthless and just a paper warranty.
    Therefore, the market adds a considerable amount of value if your home is constructed by Lex Duco.
  3. Professional Designs and Constructions - Lex Duco only employs Chartered Architects and Engineers to design, plan and construct your house. The market is well aware of it wise enough to add value to it.
  4. The Complete Drawing Folder - When it comes to selling a pre-owned property, it is vital that you possess the original documentations to prove the validity of your statements with regard to the home construction and home design.
    With Lex Duco, you always receive a complete set of drawing in a folder with other documents related to the home and its warranty. This folder always adds a huge value in the eyes of your prospective buyers as they can see what was actually constructed under the skin of the building. It is also more professional and very attractive to buyers.
The market already well aware of the 20 years structural warranty and the complete drawing folder provided by Lex Duco, and therefore, you may expect to be asked for them.

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